Leaving South Armagh…again

The two quiet weeks I’ve spent back at home have gone by all too quickly and now I’m off on what I hope will justify setting up a travelogue (is that what ye call it?) and more. I’m still getting London, both the good and bad of it, out of my system but I’m excited to be hitting the road again. If you’ve been invited to read this, don’t worry, my posts won’t be very frequent and will mainly be composed of pictures….the updates from my journey are likely to be sparse but hopefully I’ll do at least one every fortnight. I’ll basically (very basically) be documenting my journey from Paris to Japan, most of it overland and all of it on a very tight budget. The usual political anger and existential angst will be thrown in for good measure. Till then.



  1. Axel

    I was happy to share your second stop of your adventure.
    I feel good for the few conversations we had about making a difference in this world.
    I feel proud to help in your coming achievement.
    Hope French food will bring you back in Grenoble.
    I am sure we will meet again.
    Keep me posted.
    Have a wonderful trip.


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