Enter the Year of the Horse


Before I came to Vietnam, the only times I heard the word ‘Tet’ mentioned were in reference to the ‘Tet Offensive’ of 1968 (the turning point in the American War). Tet is the Vietnamese New Year and for the people of this country it is like Christmas, New Year and Independence day holidays all rolled into one. On my week off work I hire a scooter and explore in and around the city of Vung Tau,which is a hive of celebratory activity for couple of weeks.

IMG_0504River outside Vung Tau

IMG_0526NLF/Viet Cong memorial

IMG_0529Women working in the rice paddies

IMG_0536Catholic Church just outside the city (40% of Vung Tau is Catholic and 60% Buddhist)

IMG_0544View from Catholic Church

IMG_0560Coffee by the sea


IMG_0567Another church in the city

IMG_0623View of city from a Buddhist temple


IMG_0572Thousands of these little trees are for sale along the streets. They’re given as traditional gifts over Tet.


IMG_0604New Year’s fireworks over the city


IMG_0657Beach full of families enjoying the holidays



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