Níl aon tinteán mar do thinteán féin (There’s no hearth like your own hearth) Old Irish Proverb


Despite not having lived here for over four years, I still consider my parents house and place I grew up in as home; a safe, comfortable, reliable haven that I find difficult to imagine never returning to. In the Ring of Gullion, just north of the border in South Armagh, rural Ireland is almost at its most idyllic, even during these times of commuting and careless bungalow building. The clear skies are a nice welcome back as I recover from my jet-lag and lap up the [what seem to me as] luxuries of Christmas with my family. There are many changes, not least of all within myself, but things have essentially stayed the same. There’s nothing like being on the move for a long time to gain a fresh appreciation of things you’ve previously taken for granted.

IMG_5719Teach Uí Dhaighre

IMG_5715Sliabh gCuillinn (the local mountain)

IMG_5733Old farmhouse




One comment

  1. lisa

    wow, i’m sad to read the final installment – you should definitely do more follow-up blog posts about how you’re getting on with being back in Europe.

    but in the meantime, i still haven’t written my blog post about my visit to Vietnam, and so you will appear in that within the next couple of weeks!

    hope to see you soon x


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