Driftin’ and headin’ Eastward, as the title says. When I began this trip in Paris in September 2012 my intention was to travel to Japan overland over the course of a year. I managed to reach Iran overland by December but when it came to reaching the Indian subcontinent I was forced to fly due to border issues. A few months after I left I realised I needed more time to reach the far-East and decided to travel until 2014, stretching my budget to its limit before going back to Europe. It wasn’t easy leaving my life in London, where I’d settled for nearly 2 years but I knew I had to make this journey while I had a chance. With an open mind, faith in the road and being blessed by the kindness of strangers who quickly became friends, the trip has gone without any major hitches so far. By October 2013 my funds were running low so I signed a year’s teaching contract in Vietnam. I hadn’t intended to stay in Vietnam for so long but I figured I needed to save some cash before returning to Europe. I hope to make it home by Christmas 2014. The sole intention of this blog is to document what I’ve seen and done along the way.



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