People who haven’t traveled indefinitely in a spontaneous way on a tight budget often find it difficult to grasp how such a trip is possible without a shitload of cash. They wonder where the money is coming from – how is it possible to continue traveling while you haven’t worked in a year? It’s a sensible enough question but the answer isn’t as mystifying as many assume. When it comes down to it, I’m good at saving (in other words, I’m a tight bastard). In London, I worked for a year and a half on a below average wage while living in the cheapest accommodation I could find in one of the poorest areas in the city. I cooked for myself all the time, didn’t go out much and walked/cycled when I could. Not drinking any more also helps. I don’t  smoke. I don’t  gamble. I don’t spend frivolously. I set off on this journey with the mindset that I’d always avoid paying for accommodation in Europe (either by sleeping rough,  ‘couchsurfing’, or staying/working on farms) and pay a little for very basic accommodation in Asia. This hasn’t always been easy but it’s been the only way to make the trip possible.  I left London with around 5000 pounds sterling in savings and a year later, without any incoming cash, I’d still enough to keep me going for a little longer. By October 2013, funds were running dangerously low so I took up a teaching position in Vietnam.


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